New Beginning

I am always fascinated by us humans. We are truly created so beautiful, such unique raw masterpieces. We constantly evolve, each in our own way and time. Sometimes we get distracted by someone else, and we want that too. We forget then that each of us have a destiny to understand and fulfill. We get carried away and convinced of unimportant things becoming important, we allow too much noise and temptation weaken us. We start asking for answers when they are truly right infront of us. We just need to be connected to all live forms around us, not to inanimate, but animated beings and livings around us. We have to unlearn and start again like a baby, and start feeling everything around us. This piece is my personal journey towards that – the nakedness is my willingness to be as transparent to myself as my soul is. There should eventually be nothing once I belong to everything. This is ‘New Beginning”.

Print available for sale – paper or canvas. Any size.