Who is Matsya?

My inspiration and interpretation of Matsya, a Hindu God avatar, the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu as half a fish. Matsya appears in the beginning of mankind or manu, to help cleanse civilization. Matsya instructed that 7 sages, seeds, living beings saved onto a boat before a great flood comes in.

What is the art reflection of?

I believe the world we live in is so much more than what we know or understand. I believe ancient texts have provided much clues and messages, universe is in constant change. We are designed to evolve to greater and better heights, we are rewarded in every elevation we explore and we are more than the simple life we think and live in. We are in constant communication with the greatness of life, and how life is recycled and perfected, how each tribulation we face is a speck of greater good, a vital part of our growth. We should not doubt, we should not fear, we live in beautiful world that is so perfectly imperfect.

Matsya to me is the grandeur of life, and it’s celebration. Matsya is a reminder than life is on its own journey taking care of us, and that we are never alone. There is always help. There is always hope.

Prints Available

Any size and material. Most common is paper and canvas. All archival grade and good quality print.

Watermark will be removed for customer prints. Contact me for pricing.

Direct from the Artist

You are dealing with the artist directly. There is no Agent representation or fees. Any issues you can directly reach out to me. You will be provided with my personal contact details.

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